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Sisal Mesh Wrap

Mesh made from 100% polyester fibers that arranged in a random pattern and then attached to form a cohesive, mesh fabric. This random mesh rolled material is liberally sprinkled with glitter to give it a glamorous and fun look. This sisal mesh wrap available with the vast range of vibrant and distinctive color patterns at the reasonable price! It is used to create stunning and amazing floral decorative projects at your home or any party occasion. But make sure you will select the floral mesh wrap with the colors and patterns that help you bring your ideas to life.

Adding a touch of class and distinctive freshness with sisal mesh wrap is ideal for creating lovely and visually attractive craft projects for your home decoration.  This fabric is water-resistant that can be used in flower activities or any other artistic display ideas.

At Wholesale Ribbons, we provide our floral mesh wrap that comes in a variety of distinct colors and also in a metallic stripe pattern that can catch the light and allow your floral creations to shine. We provide high-end quality service with best products at affordable prices.



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