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Satin Ribbon Single Face

These single face satin ribbons are the impeccable accessory to have in your craft collection, which is made from 100% polyester.

Description of the product: Machine-wash/warm, Tumble or drip-dry, No ironing necessary, Less than 2% shrinkage. Dry cleanable.  This fabric stands out with its bright bold colors and gives an elegant feel that makes it useful for any occasion or project. At Wholesale Ribbon, we carry the highest quality of wholesale GROSGRAIN and SATIN ribbons, Sheer Ribbons, Polka dot ribbons and striped ribbons and much more.

You can use these ribbons for various purposes like Packaging Solutions, Hair Bows, Weddings, Printing, Gift Wrapping, Floral Supplies and Arrangements, Scrap Booking, Card Making, Ribbon Belts, and more! Double face satin and single face satin all have a characteristic glossy surface that makes them appealing.  As its name indicates that single face is shiny on one side and dull on the other while double face is shiny on both sides.

If you want to cherish your function decoration by using these ribbons then visit our online shop.



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