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Holiday Floral Mesh Wraps

Description of the Product: made from 100% Polypropylene available in the size of Width: 21 inch and length: 10 yards. Our mesh wrap adds colorful and decorative accents while holding tightly in place and gets the job done. XB908 Series Floral Mesh adds grace to your holiday decoration with bright stripes, wrapped in continuous 10 yards rolls.  For your unusual occurrences like the wedding we, give you the beautiful Bridesmaid floral mesh collections with wedding theme backdrop decorations.

 All our products are of premium quality with highly durable in nature, waterproof and best suitable for outdoor events. It has a broad range of uses; you can use it to decorate anything and wrap it around. Floral meshes are available in different variations like netting's, and jute, plastic, cotton, etc. Our two-toned holiday floral mesh wraps come in several color combinations including the everlastingly popular apple green with crimson red.

Wrap your bouquets and flowers with our high-quality floral mesh. Register for the wholesale order for your favorite decorative mesh collections.



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