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Floral Oasis Mesh Wrap

Floral oasis meshes wrap made from 20% Polypropylene and 80% Polyester those measures in the size of width: 21 inches and the length: 10 yards. Extensive range of Floral meshes available in the variety of designs, patterns, colors and sizes at low factory price.  Our floral mesh wrap comes in a wide range of colors at very nominal price.

Wholesale Ribbons offer all types of decorative meshes at unmatched lower prices that are used to cater your floral decoration, wrapping and crafting the solution. It gives a stylish look to your handy craft works. Our floral oasis mesh wrap is similar to our deco mesh wrap but with the specialty of wide spacing and strip lines. Florists often use these covers for improving everyday cut flower arrangements. The right mesh warp can hold floral arrangements together and provide support for a wide variety of craft projects and decorative items involving dried plants, winding vines, and cut flowers. The creativity with floral meshes has no limits – You can stylize multiple objects with your imaginative thinking.



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