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Learn How to Make A DIY High Chair Ribbon Skirt

Posted by Krista Miller on

Birthdays are always special in everyone’s life and celebrating the first birthday when your little kid turns one. It is a great moment, which comes in a life time. In this piece of writing, you will learn how to make High Chair Ribbon Skirt. That is super handmade ribbon skirt for your kid that you can gift on their first birthday. If you have a boy, then you can’t do big Cupid's bow and frilly tutus.

Materials that you need to make this High Chair Ribbon Skirt:

Now onto the Instructions:

Step 1:  Firstly, you have to take the measurement around your high chair so as to find out how long your ribbon edge needs to be.

Step 2: After that cut your ribbon to that length and make sure to seal your ribbon ends with the help of hot glue.  You can use 5/8 –inch Yellow Stripes Ribbon.

Step 3: Then figure out how long you want your high chair ribbon skirt to be. Well, you can take 10 inches long, which is better.

Step 4: You have to figure out that how many ribbon strips you need. So take the first measurement you made around the high chair and divide that by the size of your fabric. Suppose if your measurement is 30″ then divide that by one 1/2″. 30/1.5 = 20 strips of fabric. (This is for the base ribbon.)

Step 5: We have four different colors, so we have to divide into 20/4 = 5 strips of fabric at 10-inches per color. Don’t forget to glue all the ends of your ribbons.

Step 6: Make strips layered with more ribbon. You can use same colors and different colors also to mix them. But cut these ribbons shorter than the base fabric like at 8″. It depends that how many you will need for how many support materials you have. You know what color will go with your base color materials and figured out how much you would need from that. Again, seal your ends.

Step 7: After that put glue on the top of your base ribbon then place your top fabric on the upper part of the base ribbon especially pressing where the glue is. Again apply the glue across both the ribbons, take your long ribbon and paste on the upper part of the long ribbons.

Step 8: Continue sticking your fabric strips to the long ribbon until you will reach the particular end. You can place these according to your requirement either as close or as far away as you’d like.

With all these steps your high chair ribbon skirt tutorial is finished.

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