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How to Make Your Own Good-looking Tassel Earrings

Posted by Krista Miller on

Do you love crafting? If you do then here is the first in the series- DIY craft project, and that is tassel earrings. It’s a very simple tweak to make stylish earrings that stand out in particular for girls who can take fancy stuff and can display these beautiful ones among friends. It is evident; you have seen these tassel earring tutorial everywhere on the blog-land but when you tried making them you realized that there could be so many alternatives.

Materials required to DIY tassel earrings:

  • Floral Oasis Mesh Wrap
  • Beads (just to give an elegant look )
  • fishhook, jump rings, eye pins
  • round and flat nose pliers
  • comb
  • scissors

Procedure to DIY tassel earrings:

Step 1: Very first step you need to do is start cutting your Floral Oasis Mesh and start wrapping your floral oasis mesh wrap around two of your fingers. The number of fingers to cover around depends on the length of your earrings that you want. Likewise, you can use about one and a half meter length looped around two fingers so as to give a stunning look to your earrings.

Step 2: When you did with wrapping process, remove the ring of step and tie a knot anywhere if possible with the same mesh wrap so that the color matches.

Step 3: Take another floral wrap that could be the same shade or could be a different shade or even better gold colored and join the entire tassel to create a ball kind of thing at the top.

Step 4: Now the ball shape come its own, and you need not mess anything inside. The more floral oasis mesh wraps loops you made, the better and fluffy, the ball, will be that gives a beautiful look.

Step 5: Cut out the wrap to open the circle at accurately the opposite side from the knot. The tassel might look rough but that you will take care later at the final stage. Okay.

Step 6: Once you have done with tassel, you can pair tie all the knots and fit off all the tail moments. Make a bunch of 7-8 filaments with floral oasis mesh wrap so that the tassel will look more attractive. You can comb through the cover and separate them by using hair comb and combed through it in all direction so as to separate all the wraps.

Step 7: After that, you can trim the edges and level them. Make sure that both the earrings are of the same length.

Step 8: Coming to the hoop part, take an eye pin and open its head using round nose pliers.

Step 9: You should hanger the knot on the tassel ball onto this opened eyebolt head and then closed the head with flat nose pliers. But make sure you insert it at the top and not from sideways otherwise your earring will be an inclined tower of Pisa!

Step 10: You are supposed to turn the rest of the eye pin and wrap it around its base, but I cut it out and made a small hook through with you inserted your fishhook. If you want longer tassel earring, add jump rings in between.

Well, this is all about these tassel earrings, and all you need to do now is to put on your makeup box and pose for the pictures.

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