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How to Make Beautiful and Unique Hair bows with Colorful Organza Ribbon

Posted by Krista Miller on

Sending kids to school is generally so energizing for the kids and for parents also. All kids either 3 or 14 years, likes their accessories and the fun of dressing up. Make your girl feels like a princess with lace hair adornments you can use organza ribbon. With the colorful fabric like apple green, Paris pink, blue, black, brown, burgundy, black with silver, chocolate brown and many more colors you can easily make hair bows. Unique hair bows, headbands will surely satisfy to your little girls no matter exactly what their age. With the help of such tulle, you can make different designs that are handmade, leaving your angel with the precious smile on her face.

Hair Bow

There's something truly exceptional and delightful about bows. They are gleaming and delicate, flexible and promptly accessible in an expansive scope of measurements and shades. If you are going to make blue, pink and brown color hair bows for your little princess, then you should know the proper way by which you can make beautiful and eye-catching bows.


  • For making hair bows, you need blue, pink and brown color organza ribbons with the help of that you can make different designs of Hair bows.
  • Shiny beads for the flower center.
  • Hot glue gun for the paste to ribbons.
  • Pattern pieces (with the help of that you can find which types of designs you want to make like guitar shape, round shape, little birdie wall hangings shape, fabric doll pattern and many more designs.)
  • Scissors (for cutting the ribbons according to your desired shape).
  • Clip (for the back of the bow).


  • For making the hair bows, you should print off the pattern pieces and trace around them onto the back side of your ribbon.
  • Then cut out each of the pieces with the help of scissors.
  • At that point, get the longest piece and fold it down the middle and make a stamp with a pen at the remarkably center. In that place overlap one end in towards that inside patch and heated glue set up with a dot of paste. Repeat with the other end.
  • Now turn over then again place the glue on the upper part of the other piece.
  • Place the shiny beads on the top of the hair bows with the help of hot glue gun.
  • Now wrap the inside piece around the center, sticking every end down at the back.
  • Then attach the clip on the back side of the bow with a large amount of glue. (Hot glue gun is useful because it stays in place better, but when you are using it then you should be careful not to burn your fingers).

Now, the beautiful and attractive hair bows are ready for your princess within 10 minutes with the help of colorful organza ribbon.

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